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"...in questions of mining people's opinions
are always widely different,
some stress its high importance,
some chide it even harder..."

/Georgius Agricola (1546.)/




Dear Interested!


You may get the idea that the lines quoted above undoubtedly come through since gravel-mining or gravel production have a really mixed reception in today's world. Some have positive or reserved, and some have negative feelings because of it or even both, acknowledging its importance and knowing its environmental effects in the same time.
One thing is sure: the necessity of materials coming out as products of mining (gravel, sand) is proven as we use these sedimentary rocks to build our houses and infrastructural developments. Why sand and gravel? From two reasons:
  1. The geomorphological position of Hungary is favourable in aspects of gravel-accumulation (it belongs to the richest areas of Europe).
  2. The material of gravel is mostly quartz and quartzite, that makes more transportation and erosion possible than any other rock element to ensure the buildings built by them to be durable for many generations.
The environmental loads can be minimized and the remaining mining lakes can be utilized through not-only land aesthetic recultivation of the mining areas.
By transmitting of our home page we would like to introduce our dynamically developing company, the quality products and the wide scale of high standard services provided by us. Besides, we would like to give general information on the forming process of the stock of materials accumulated through millions of years, the history of gravel-mining and its situation today.
We trust in that you can find plenty of useful and interesting information on our home page and soon, we will welcome you as our client, - either if you are a road-construction company, a building company or person:
  • you are provided with the product having the quality determined in the standard,
  • by polite, precise service,
  • at the most favourable price in the region!

Apply to us with confidence. In the meantime, have a good browse on our pages.



Májer István
Chief Executive Officer